It’s that time of the year when all the lovely mothers out there are getting ready to get pampered, unconditionally! Yes, you guessed it right… it’s Mother’s Day! After a year-long battle of getting kids ready to school to preparing food for the family and from attending to her professional duties to making sure the house functions smoothly – there’s a day when we can express our gratitude towards her dedication and selfless hard work.


Speaking of gratitude and thanking your mother, gifts make the perfect companion to all our emotions. With so many emotions running through all of us on this special day, each one of us will be touched by some or the other gift – books, kitchen items, apparels, handbags, watches, etc.!


You are free to call me old school but according to me, there’s isn’t a more personalized and touching gift for anyone, than the greeting cards! Yes, you read it correct… I did mention greeting cards. Most of you would feel, ‘Oh… so it’s one of those old blogs that talk about silly things like greeting cards”! But hey, who said I was only talking about the ones that we are used to seeing in those corner stores in our neighbourhood?

Today, with advent of online gifting portals, there has been a tremendous amount of change in the way greeting cards are created. From online to voice-recorded; you name it and they have it! While looking for online gifts for mother’s day on the world wide web the other day, I stumbled upon an awesome gifting portal named

The one greeting card type that caught my attention was the voice greeting card. There is a provision to upload one’s recorded message to any of the greeting cards that you choose from the website. You can record a cute message for your mother and upload it on to their website. All you have are left is to give them your mommy’s address and the lovely card will be delivered to her on or before the special day!


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mothers day greetings card

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mothers day greetings

Mothers Day Messages in English and Hindi

Mothers Day Pictures for Facebook Covers Profile Pictures

Mothers Day Wishes 2016-mothers day greetings card


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Gone are the days when all you could do was get a simple gift from a nearby store and then wrap it up nicely and present it to your loved one. Today, you can get some customized gifts for your near and dear ones, and even better, get it delivered to their address! If you are in search of unique Mother’s day gifts, then you can go for a customized poster. You can upload a picture of you sharing a lovely moment with your mother, and then get it imprinted on a coffee mug or a cute poster. After this simply ship the same to her address! Voila, you have already made her day!

If you are still on a lookout of gifts that can accompany your voice greeting card for Mother’s day, then I would recommend you to go old school way again! One of the best love enhancing gifts are flowers! If not anything, they surely bring a smile on the recipient’s face. So here we are… A perfect Mother’s day gift would be a bunch of fresh flowers along with your voice greeting card!

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day

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