Greeting cards have been and still are the best gift ever. Earlier it used to be extensively used and there would be shops exclusively selling them. Then came the telephones followed by mobiles. Once internet invaded our lives, it is only and only online gifting. Be it gifts or greetings, everything is only through online shopping. But for our generation, this is the best thing to happen as we can buy those things which otherwise has to be searched for. I only have to please mother a bit to get the credit card. Actually, my card is kept with her lest I overspend. For this I may have to do some household work, do some cooking or so and my mom is pleased and grants me the boon in the form of credit card.

Happy Mother’s Day 2023: Flowers, HD Wallpapers & Greeting Cards, Images

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Download free mothers day wallpapers

Download Free Mother's Day Wallpapers

Free Mothers Day Wallpapers

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Happy Mothers day 2016 Images, Pictures, Wallpaper, Cards

Happy Mother's Day 2016 Pictures, HD Wallpapers

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Happy Mothers Day Wallpapers, Images, Songs, Wishes

Happy Mothers Day Wallpapers, Images, Songs, Wishes

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Mom, this time I am trying to get the card not to buy movie tickets or just buying some ‘meaningless stuff’ but to give you a gift which you deserve. Before I go into shopping for mother’s day gifts, I would better go on a window shopping online. I will try to shortlist some items that are apt for my mom. Mother’s day gifts online give a great scope for variety.


My mom is not so old still she is inclined towards spirituality. She loves to listen to bhajans, buy books of spirituality and such other related activities. On the contrary, dad is of the opinion that all this spirituality is for old age and not at this time of their life. But it is Mother’s day gift, so I should gift something that mom would appreciate. Some idols of deities like Lakshmi, Ganapati, Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha in various postures: Meditating, sleeping, sitting and just peaceful posture. She will love to keep them in her puja room.

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I can bet that my mom is the best untrained interior designer. Seriously! She puts in those small nuances and transforms the room into a different looking one. We in the family sometimes wonder what she does to give this newness to the room. Let me get some artifacts, may be some antique-looking showpieces. I have seen this Antique Earthen Hanging Bell which looks good and she can hang it outside near the door. Wooden elephant Figurine, gold plated lilies or musician or even hand crafted peacock and many such showpieces are mesmerizing. I can keep it short listed.

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Mother’s day gift ideas are in abundance, but I have to go by my budget. I cannot spend as I wish. I will try to get something according to my budget. In Giftease, there are gifts starting from ₨299, even 144 and more range. Even in these ranges, the gifts are adorable. For instance there are lamps, lanterns, candles, fragrances, clocks and wall decors. Any of these will be fine because the gift, the money and the relevance, everything is falling in line. So, I think I should go to mom to collect my card and for that let me think of a concrete reason. I will first take dad into confidence and say that he needs to order something for his office use. Best of luck to me! Mom, give the opportunity to tell you ‘Happy Mother’s day’ with a gift.

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