Moms are those incredible people in our lives who act as our guardian angels, supporters, defense attorneys and personal helpers. Without moms there would be no clean laundry, hot food, or order to the world, yet they are frequently the most under-appreciated people in our lives. Maybe males built the structures that hold skyscrapers high, but women are the backbone that holds the power of the nation. It’s statistically correct. Women keep families together forever. While more than 25million children have been affected by absent fathers, we often hear stories of mothers making large sacrifices for their kids. Mothers and mother-figures are outstanding. They may be the first person we ever know once we enter the world, and they love and care for us as we grow up. Once a year, countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day; a day dedicated to all mothers, so that we can display our appreciation. Rooted in different customs and individuals who recognized the vital of commemorating women, every country that celebrates Mother’s Day and know the importance of mother’s day does so in varying and gratifying ways.


Let’s celebrate the many active moms this Mother’s Day 2023.














Here are our top 6 reasons to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day:

  1. She is actually a human calendar, keeping track of every doctor appointment, birthday, anniversary, parent-teacher meetings, field trip, sports date, spelling bee contest, study lesson, team practice, first word or bowel movement anyone in the family has ever had.
  2. She loved you even when you flushed her precious earrings down the toilet, set the living room rug on fire and completely messed it up, practiced writing your letters in blue marker on the living room couch, or used the contents of your diaper for wall art. Sound weird, right? Imagine she goes through all this every day.
  3. She put up with your “creativity” years whereby you dyed your hair, pierced any body parts, tattooed strange things upon your skin, wore bizarre clothing and makeup, and used the word “virtuous” ad nauseam.
  4. She has never had a preferred vacation, comp time, sick days or other “so called break” from motherhood, and even if she were given the chance for one, probably would never take one.
  5. Even when you were too disappointed to verbalize what was bothering you, she always knew exactly what was mistaken based on the volume and urgency of your heavy sobs or the quantity of boogers that ran from your nose.
  6. She has spent the majority of her grown-up years in two places: the kitchen and the laundry room.

Remember to thank your Mom on this Mother’s Day 2023. There is no love that goes deeper or which exceeds time and space more than a mother’s love.

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