Valentine’s Day 2023 will be celebrated on February 14 with great joy all over the world and people exchange Valentine gifts, Valentine roses and Valentine teddies to their soul mates. The entire preceding week is celebrated and each day is special in its way. Valentine’s week is truly a celebration of Love. In the holiday of romance, Hug Day falls on 12th February every year. Hug Day has its importance among other days in Valentine week. There is a saying actions speak louder than words. Nothing could beat a warm and cuddly hug from a Valentine. Hug Day is the perfect occasion to give your sweet heart a passionate hug and show her you really love and care for her. It is a day to assure your loved ones that you love them a lot from the bottom of your heart. People hold their loved ones in arms and make them feel special.






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Hug Day-Valentine's Day-Fresh HD Wallpapers 2hug day date 1Let us have a look at some cool things about hugging. Hugging increases the levels of oxytocin, a love hormone. It helps in lowering blood pressure and has beneficial effects on health. Hugging is an incredible way to bond with our partners and also improves our emotional wellbeing. When we hug a person we are showing affection and trust. This Hug Day, surprise your loved one with your unique style of hugging filled with affection and care.






Now let’s have a look at Hug Day gifts and ideas. Many of us have no idea of things to choose. To make this celebration memorable one give gifts with warm hugs. is providing an online platform for all valentines to buy a special gift for their loved ones. We are bringing you some Hug Day gift ideas to delight your girlfriend/boyfriend. A gift will elevate the mood of your celebration. Roses is one of the most preferred and traditional gift to give on Valentine’s Day. You can gift her bunch of red roses beautifully packed in paper and ribbon along with a tight hug. Even artificial scented roses are a good idea and lasts forever. Flower baskets add beauty to your day.

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Hug Day



Bracelets or bands with names also show your love for each other. Gift your boyfriend a band carved beautifully and he is sure to love it. To mesmerize your girlfriend you can gift her heart shaped pendant, pendant with your name or initial letters engraved on it or butterfly pendant. The joy of heartfelt hugs cannot be said but only felt. Gift your valentine this joy of togetherness with a cute gift. By the way Hug Day is not only restricted to your loved ones but also for all those who made your life special in their own simple way. Give them a big hug and show your care. Everything is okay if your partner or valentine is with you. What if they are far away and you cannot give hugs? Send gifts like flowers, teddies and many more to choose. Personalized gifts are perfect gifting options during this Valentine week and they show your mark. Make this Hug Day a memorable one with cool gifts from and also share your love and warmth with people.

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