This is a sad thing but is one of the most asked questions of all time. What is the gift to be given when you visit a family after a loved one is no more in this world? These sympathy gifts sometimes act as support in times of sorrow. To make it easier for you, here we have made a list of condolences gift.

Small gifts like cards, small food items, and flowers are good for these occasions. Bigger gifts are not good as they can act as a distraction, and are good for another occasion. Else, you can wait for around two weeks, before you drop off the gift to the family. It’s always better to ask before visiting the family because some people need to be alone for some time.

Funeral Gift Ideas

Let’s have a look at some of the ของชำร่วยงานศพ.

  1. Single Flower: Though inexpensive, it touches the heart in times of sorrow. It shows that you’ve taken some time out of your busy life to choose something elegant in honor of the departed loved one. The best thing is it doesn’t need much time to buy, just a few minutes before reaching the funeral you can buy it.
  2. Memorial Sonnet Windchime: This windchime reminds us of the people we love. You can personalize it in the memory of the loved one. Memories are something that can never be forgotten, especially if the person is no more. More than the past they’re something which will last forever.
  3. Bouquet: The choice of flowers speak a lot about the feeling that you want to convey. These bouquets come in some circles and are traditionally funeral flowers.
  4. Gift Certificate: There comes a time when a family starts facing sudden financial problems after the death of a bread earner of the family. These gift certificates can go a long way. It can be anything from a grocery gift card to the restaurant’s card.
  5. Floating Memorial Candle: Personalize this wide glass vase with the words like “In memory of” or “Forever in our hearts” across the vase. You can even add the name and date of birth of the loved one.
  6. Vintage Sympathy Gift Sign: Heaven is the home for the departed. A handmade sympathy gift can be perfect to express your feeling towards the departed.
  7. Food: It is a tradition. Few people don’t like to cook after the funeral and the reason is simple, they’re deeply saddened by the unexpected death. But, bringing food can really have an impact on the family. Or, you can arrange a meal at your place and invite the family after the funeral.
  8. Memory Gift Tree:Planting a tree in the memory of the loved one can be one of the best things you can do which will last a lifetime.
  9. Memorial Photo Frames: Memorial photo frames with distressed sympathy quote can be heartfelt and can be hanged in the wall to always remind that a beautiful soul was once the part of the family.

Now that you have some idea on what to gift on a funeral but what if you’re not in the country? What will you give? Well, we have made a small list of the gifts that can be sent if by any chance you won’t be attending the funeral.

  1. Bird Feeder: Personalized bird feeder can be a unique way to express your feeling. There are different types of bird feeders available some of them include themes such as butterfly, soaring eagle, bird on a branch, and many more.
  2. Memorial Stone: Garden stones can be the best idea for outdoors. With all the different themes available it can feature a butterfly and leaves or birds.
  3. Memorial Wreath: These wreaths are a symbol of calmness, grace, and serenity.
  4. Memorial Jewelry: These gifts can stay close to heart for a long time. These can be a necklace, rings or bracelets having custom engraving.
  5. Personalized Memorial Coasters: These are something which will be used often yet unobtrusive. It can be laser engraved with a message or with the name and dates of the loved one.

The gift need not be expensive, rather it should express your true feelings and convey the amount of love and respect you have for the departed. This is one of those occasions where the family needs support. You can even do donation on the name of the loved one with or without informing about it to the family. Also, if you didn’t get time to buy a gift for the funeral, you can still gift them after around 1 or 2 weeks of the funeral.

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