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If you come across in the dictionary it will tell you that the meaning of friendship is a state of being friends; friendly relation, or affection to a person, or among persons; affection arising from common esteem and good will, openness, good relations and good will.

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That all sounds pleasant, but it doesn’t cover the fact that right friendships is a relationship that can stay alive the test of time and remain absolute. Friendship for most people is a combination of fondness, devotion, love, admiration, and trust. The general traits of a friendship comprise similar interests, mutual reverence and an attachment to each other, and in order to know-how friendship works, you need to have right friends. The emotional security provided by friendship means not having to consider your thoughts and measure words. True friendship is when somebody knows you better than yourself and takes a place in your best interests in an emergency. Friendship goes beyond just sharing moment together, and it is long lasting. Friendship can signify different things to different people.

For a few people it is simply the trust that somebody will not damage you. For others it might be absolute love or just normal friendship. Whatever your personal definition is, friendship is over and over again considered as a mutual and pleasant relationship between two individuals, and that’s a superior thing, as it has been said that someone who finds a true friend has found a precious treasure. Because it takes both positive and negative experiences to describe a personality, it is necessary to put up your friendships with people who are well-matched with you on both an emotional and psychosomatic basis. Friendship is rarely biased though, as it takes two individuals to discuss the boundaries in a connection and a friendship will not stay alive very long if only one human being is making the effort to prolong the relationship without any help or acknowledgment from other person.


So now we all know the importance of friends in our life. We all know that social media has made our life very easy where we can stay in touch with our friends who stays in different countries or cities. We can easily stay in touch through Facebook or Whatsapp. So, let’s go ahead and share and download Friendship Facebook Covers, Friendship FB Covers, Friendships Facebook Cover Pictures, Friendship facebook cover photos, friendship day post for fb, friendship day cover images with your special friends on Facebook.

Wishing you all a very happy friendship day!

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