On this Special Friendship Day Occasion, When we sit off the word friend and we try to think of all our friends and how different and unique each one is, we wonder how you categorize or list qualities that essentially determine why and how we become friends with that individual.

I believe it’s just about that click, with someone over having the same taste in movies, with someone coz you both grew up together and with someone else coz you’ll probably didn’t like each other at first go but later things changed or circumstances bought you both together to see another side in the other person and the friendship just grew.

Some of our friends don’t get along with each other but with do with both or all of them. Thus friendships are so unique, which is what also makes them precious; the quality of not being able to fully put them in a box of who the person is all we can say is what this person means to me, A true friend.

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Five types of friends and gifts for each one of them

Here are some gift ideas for the five types of friends we all have:

The Crazy one: The one who will do anything random. You are never quite sure what this friend will be up to next. He or she can entertain or surprise anyone with his or her tactics. For such a vibrant personality choose a vibrant gift. You can gift them party games or games that need them to sit for a minute and scratch their head. If you want to go easier on your friend then bar accessories may be a good choice too.

The Genius: The category of friends who pretty much know everything about everything. They are well-read, well-traveled, and also know what is happening in sports and politics. Pretty hard to keep up with them but on the positive side, they are a good source of inspiration. These inspirational people must get a sort after gift. A good book or exquisite gourmet chocolates would definitely score you some points.

The Parents: The friend who always takes care of everyone. the one you call when you need someone to be your edge of reason or a shoulder to cry on. This lovely soft soul deserves to be loved too! Let your friend know this Friendship’s Day how special he or she is. Gift them home décor items, soul food like exquisite tea or coffee, or something you know they have always wanted.

The Gizmo Guru: He or she knows everything about every electronic and latest gizmo in the market and even why a particular wire is required and what is the difference between one phone’s memory and another. I can’t fathom these sorts but you get the point they know their gadgets! And we just happen to get them. So without further attempt to question their gizmo mania let’s gift them a gizmo on friendship’s day. You can choose an Mp3 player, a pair of earphones or a fancy mobile cover.

The Party Animal: This friend always knows which is the latest pub in town or who is big on the party circuit. He or she is out literally five nights a week and is also known as a party animal. They know their alcohol, they have over 1000 friends, and their party clothes wardrobe is far more elaborate than the regular wear. Such people think life is a party and for them indeed it is. Gift them a dose of their life, fancy bar accessories, drinking games, or a bottle of the alcohol they like.

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