There’s no exaggeration to say that the expert-level certification such as Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure can change your career future. To start with, being an international vendor, Cisco has a solid reputation in the IT market. So, it’s clear that a certification validated by this vendor will weigh heavily on your resume. In addition, the 200-901 DEVASC qualification proves your top-notch skills in managing complex infrastructure solutions.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification

This means that you are proficient in configuring and implementing wired and wireless solutions, and applying security principles effectively when managing an enterprise network. Moreover, this designation refers to the highest certification level on this path, and allows you to apply for such senior positions as a Senior Network Engineer, Network Architect, 300-410 ENARSI , as well as significantly improve your financial standing.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? If yes, then in this article, you will know how to hit the stream of the certified candidates to earn the 300-415 ENSDWI from the first try. So, read this article until the end.

1. Develop practical skills

Though, there are no strict requirements for getting the 300-420 ENSLD , still you should consider some recommendations. Therefore, you can considerably increase your chances to get certified from the first try if you have from five to seven years of experience in designing, operating, deploying, and optimizing networking solutions and technologies used in an enterprise. Besides, practical experience in implementing the Enterprise LAN networks will be of great help as well. You can also learn the basics of Python scripting and Enterprise wireless and routing connectivity to considerably grow your chances to get certified.

2. Use preparation materials from verified sources

The Internet is full of different training materials that promise to help you get a passing score in the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure accreditation exam. However, not all of them are verified. Therefore, you risk concentrating your efforts on materials that won’t provide the topics tested in the exam. The best strategy you can apply is to explore the vendor’s official website. Here, find and attend the recommended training class known as Implementing and Operating 200-301 CCNA Training Course , to develop practical skills and get the knowledge of the concepts tested in the main exam. Apart from that, explore the books and videos available on Amazon and YouTube. Also, check the third-party websites, such as ExamSnap, CertBolt, PrepAway, to find the actual and updated practice tests verified by IT experts.

3. Organize your training routine

As you get closer to the exam day, the level of tension and emotions will get higher. Therefore, you will risk losing focus on your goals and becoming less organized. Therefore, when you start the preparation for the Cisco certification, especially of the expert-level, you will need to create a daily plan with a clear timetable, clarifying which topic and when you are going to study. Even though you would want to learn a lot in a short period, you shouldn’t exaggerate. Thus, take care of your health, include breaks and rest periods in your preparation schedule.

Sum Up

Achieving the Cisco CCNA 200-301 is a great milestone in your career path. Once you add it under your belt, you will be appreciated by employers as an expert who knows how to implement enterprise solutions to improve productivity. Also, this accreditation is a clear sign of your strong personal skills as you know how to organize yourself. You can reach this level of development with consistency and a well-prepared training routine. Start today and don’t forget to rest!

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