Okay, fellas! Father’s Day 2021 is officially a few days away! It’s the perfect time to treat your dad to a day of entertaining, relaxation, bonding time and remind him why he’s still considered as the number one man in your life! You can spend the entire day enjoying dad’s company and show him your thankfulness for being your rock over the years! If you haven’t figured out just how you actually want to spend the day with your first hero, we’ve come up with a couple of Fathers Days Event Ideas that you and your dad (or grandfather, or your uncle or even your brother) can participate in and show dad that you’ll forever be daddy’s girl or boy.

Fathers Day

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Have a family picnic or grill outside

Take the mess outside! Avoid the stress of cleaning up the kitchen by getting the family together and having a picnic or grilling sessions outdoors. Give your child a special job or role in making the meal that is suitable for their age and abilities. Your child will like being able to help with the food arrangements. This may mean letting them to make sandwiches, selecting some different fruits for the meal, or simply placing foods into a Tupperware boxes before leaving.

Father Taking Children On Picnic In Countryside

Build something together

Father and daughter playing create anactual memory learning to build something together. This can be a special plan that you and your child work on for years. You can build a birdhouse that will attract different types of birds every morning. Or, maybe something used inside your home such as; a mini shelving unit for your child to display sea-shells or other special knick knacks.


Go for a movie night

Let’s bring out your dad’s old favorites again! When going for a movie night, you can add in some fun snacks that are themed for the movie or dad’s choice.  Afterwards, try talking about the movie story and characters. This is a good way for your child to practice remembering every details form the past and it helps build their storytelling skills.


Take a walk (or a drive) through history.

If your dad is a history buff, probabilities are good he’d like the day enjoying his love for history with you by his side. If you don’t live close enough to anything worth visiting, you can borrow some historical biopics from the library and spend the day taking them in together. It’s not quite the same thing, but you’ll spend adequate quality time together nonetheless.


Organize old photos that share a special memory.

Every family member likes to go through old photos and describe the memories each brings back with his dad. It’s like a trip down memory lane, which took place earlier. If you’re crafty, you could even make a simple photo book with your chosen memories. Collect or print out your best photos and write few creativecaptions under each. That way, you can go through it with him in person but he’ll have a keepsake, too.

Fathers Day Old Memories

Here wishing every Dad a very happy father’s day!

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