Durga Puja: Durga Mata Images, Picture, and HD Wallpaper {Free Download}

Navrati is a holy festival of 9 days and it is celebrated twice a year as per the Hindu calendar. Devotees fast for 9 days or only on first and last day of Navrati. Goddess Durga is prominent form of Goddess and is known by names like Devi and Shakti in Hindu religion. Goddess Durga is worshipped in many parts of the world. Navratri has evolved from two words ‘nav’ and ‘ratri’ and it means nine nights. Durga Puja 2022


Devotees worship Goddess Durga in different ways. Some people fast for all nine days while some walk without their footwear. Keeping a pleasant wallpaper, image or picture of God forms a part of devotion for many people in India. Whenever there is any festival, they prefer keeping Durga wallpapers, images and pictures.

As Durga Pooja is nearing, everybody must be busy preparing for puja. Navratri 2022 brings you the unique collection of pics, images, wallpapers and HD pictures. Browse through the latest collection of best Navrati images and HD wallpapers free download. Get HD size and high resolution Durga Maa wallpaper, Jai Mata photos, images, etc from our online collection. Download an exquisite collection of wallpapers on a single click and feel the sensation of festive spirit and joy.




Now is the time when every devotee of Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati be sodden in devotion and worship the Goddess. As Navratri knocks the door, almost all devotees are entangled in worship of Goddess in festive spirit and enjoyment. They leave all their work and stress behind and engage in preparations to create an environment of devotion and spice.

You must be wandering for alluring and stunning Navratri wallpapers to embellish your mobiles, smartphones, etc. With arrival of this pious festival, demand for Navratri wallpapers and images are on height. All nine days of festival is dedicated to worship of different forms of Goddess Durga. Our collection will make you feel sensation of festive spirit and joy.

Navratri is an auspicious festival of the year and it is celebrated in India with great zest and devotion. Click below for the best images, pics, wallpapers and navrati wishes. We have compiled the best collection for you to share among your friends and relatives. Have a look at beautiful Navratri images and wallpapers 2022. Stay connected and wish you and your family a very happy Navratri.

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