Are you one of those people who wonder what gift should be given to people as they have everything with them? The problem is that we get too monotonous with our gifts over the years. We tend to keep what they like and don’t like and finish off our options of gifts. A time comes when we hardly have any idea what should be the next gift. DIY Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day


I think the best way is to innovate gifts. Well, you need not become a gift maker but put your brain to work a bit. Women’s Day Gifts, of all the others, should be unique.

Gift Ideas for International women's day-2016

What comes handy in this category is the personalized gift. This is in every way different from others, as our experiences and feelings are different. You can make a ‘Likes Poster’, wherein, you will enlist all the things you like about this woman. If she is your mom, some emotional moments can be quoted, if she is your wife – romantic, so on and so forth. Try to be as humble as possible; after all, they are your special people.

International women's day Gifts

Have you experienced aromatic candles or fragrant leaves in your bathroom? They are such good relaxants that will be readily appreciated as a gift. Gifts for her and especially online gifts, there are many such kinds of gifts. You have to strive a little to make this yourself. You have to collect some dried leaves and flowers or buy them from a shop. The next step will be to present them in an appealing way. Search for a glass bottle or a bowl wherein you will place these and spray some scent over them.

Womens-Day-Jewelry-Gifts-DIY Gift Ideas for International women's day

If you are good at craft, this idea is exclusively for you. Make some flowers with satin cloth or any fabric and arrange these in a lovely bouquet. Like the idea? You can use all your crafty ideas to make different flowers.

Paper art is the most inexpensive and relatively easier way to make origami gifts. Why don’t you make some interesting decorative items with it? If you are not really good at it, no problem at all. Try making magazine holders, plastic bag holders, corner stools, and many such things. This is in style today, mind you.

DIY Gift Ideas for International women's day

The other gift that you can think of is a refrigerator magnet. You can buy the magnets from the market and mount your home made figure on it. What next? you have this lovely refrigerator decorative magnet ready.

Can you believe that you can make your own calendar that too with your loved ones photos on it? It is possible provided you have a few photographs and a printer at home. All you need to do is download a template for the calendar, upload the photograph and take a printout. As simple as that.

happy_womens_day_greetings-Happy Women's Day Quotes

Hurry and pick your choice of gift and start off making it. Remember, 8th March is just a few days away. Your handmade gift will give a tough fight to the personalized gifts online. This year, say Happy Women’s Day with extra confidence!

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