Depression is a health condition that should never be taken lightly and it is a major issue in many colleges across the world. Things such as stress, money, social life, and college work are known to be major contributing factors of stress.


Sadness and stress should never be mixed up depression and no student should suffer silently. If you are a student having suicidal thoughts, feeling worthless and guilty, losing interest in things you enjoy and problems sleeping, chances are you are depressed. There are a few effective ways to prevent stress in a student’s college life.


If you suspect that you are slowly showing signs of depression, you should seek professional help before it gets serious. Support from a professional through therapy helps pinpoint the root cause of the things that might be causing you to feel depressed. Not talking to someone about your issues will only make them worse.

Consider taking medication

Every single system of depression needs to be taken seriously and if you feel the symptoms getting stronger, speak to your doctor. They will be able to prescribe you a few antidepressants which help reduce the symptoms of depression. There are many other treatments for depression available.

Spend time in the great outdoors

When you are feeling depressed, spending time indoors will only make you feel worse. Going outside for a bit of fresh air will take your mind off things. This is referred to as ecotherapy. Engaging in activities such as skiing, walking, and running is known to be very helpful for freeing the mind.

Hit the gym or exercise regularly

Exercises aren’t just good for the heart, improving your strength, reducing fat and lowering blood, there are some mental benefits too. Regular exercises improve your thinking skills and memory. A strong mind can deal with depression, anxiety, and stress better.

Many college campuses have football grounds, tennis courts, swimming pools and basketball courts for students to take advantage of after lessons. If your college has none of these, registering at the local gym is an alternative worth considering.

Have a strong social circle

When studying on campus, you will be away from family and friends and this can take its toll on you. Try to have a very strong social circle by making new friends at college. This will make you feel less lonely because loneliness is one of the major contributors to depression.

Work on your diet

Your body will be in tip-top condition and shape when you eat well however, when you have a busy college life, eating healthy isn’t easy at all. Finding the time to cook healthy food isn’t easy but it can be done. Try to add fruits into your diet as a snack is highly recommended for busy students. Good food can help you beat depression because you will be energized and feel more upbeat than down.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important because it allows you to recharge your battery and get you ready for the next day. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling low on energy and cracky which means you will not do well throughout the semester if you aren’t getting the proper rest that your body deserves.

This can lead to depression as you feel the stress to do well and juggle your personal life at the same time. Time management is a good skill to have early on when you are in college because it will help in your future career as well. Always make sure you get enough sleep so that you feel refreshed throughout the semester and do well as well as have time to enjoy yourself responsibly.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol

Binge drinking is part of college life and it can be hard for any student to resist the temptation of going to parties for a drink up with friends. As a student, you need to know the negative effects alcohol has on the body.

If you are suffering from depression, it is wise to stay clear of alcohol or any sort of drug for that matter because it will only make you feel worse. Many students do turn to drugs when they are depressed to escape their problems without even thinking of the health issues this might bring in the future.

There are so many alternatives like sports or joining social clubs which are much safer and better solutions to drinking alcohol and taking drugs when you are depressed. Surround yourself with people who will have your best interest at heart and will not tempt you to drink alcohol and take drugs.

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