The author and composer of we wish you a merry Christmas cannot be traced. However, it is believed to date back to England in the 16th century. The tradition of carollers have been given Christmas treats for singing to wealthy members of the community is reflected in this Christmas song- We wish you a merry Christmas! You might have heard some Christmas songs enough times to make you perforate your eardrums with a candy cane but many festive pop songs are great to work of art.

XMas Carols we wish you a Merry Christmas


Here are top 50 Christmas songs from ancient carols to the best christmas number one. It is a perfect soundtrack to your Christmas party and since New year eve isnt far behind, do not forget to check our list of party songs also. Rock with the most popular christmas songs lyrics for kids of all ages. Everyone loves singing along to famous christmas songs lyrics or remembering happy holidays with the best holiday music.

Find your favorites in our free online christmas songs list. A Christmas song with their unforgettable lyrics and music bring back wonderful memories of Christ mast time in the past and creates free and festive fun for future holiday season to come especially for the kids. Christmas songs, music and videos suits everyone. Enjoy some jingle bell rock with our top christmas songs list and lyrics. The Christmas songs list provides lyrics of most famous festive lyrics and holiday music that lasted the test of time.

Christmasttime is best for kids who love to sing long to their old favorites. The lyrics and words of the most popular christmas songs and carols are featured in our new section entitled as christmas videos. These videos of festive songs are designed for those who like to sing along to music and famous songs of festive seasons. The words of holiday song lyrics range from traditional songs, religious songs, modern and humorous songs to the complete bizarre novelty xmas songs.

The traditional songs will always be favorites of our visitors but we have added a section of holiday videos playing music to modern festive songs and christmas rock songs. They are great resource for those who like to sing along the music and famous new and modern songs of the festive season. These classic christmas songs will always be firm favorite with our visitors containing new and modern holiday songs and videos playing music to christmas rock songs.

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