Women’s History Month is officially in progress, and in next few days we will be celebrating International Women’s Day. But how many of us actually know what this day is all about? International Women’s Day started in the near beginning of 1900s during a time when American women were becoming more open, brave, out spoken about their oppression, communally and legally, and organizing to bring about transform, most notably by the suffragists.why do we celebrate Women’s Day?

Why do We Celebrate Women's Day

Why do we celebrate Women's Day

In 1908, around 16,000 women marched through New York City demanding the right to vote and improved pay. After two years, an International Conference of Working Women was held in Copenhagen, Denmark where the thought to hold a day around the world where women demand their rights was planned. International Women’s Day was born. Since then, this day has been a time not only to imitate on how far women have come around the world, but how far we have to go. In spite of these disparities among women’s movements, and the main hurdles which keep on existing for women and girls, the feminist association around the world is progressing overall.

One of the best examples is the Internet, and when we think about how mobilized women’s rights activists are online, we instantly get energized. From feminist hash tags to seeing women in the Middle East apply the Internet to lead the Arab Spring protests, it is protected to say women online have some serious digital capital, and we know how to use it. The Internet is where a lot of millennial energy, both male and female, are also invested when it comes to advancing gender parity, and really resolving issues like equal pay, flexibility hours, etc. once and for all. As International Women’s Day comes around, we have much to reflect on, but we must also keep in mind that women are not alone in our quest for justice. From Dhaka to DC, we all are united in saying the rights that were denied to us will not be denied to our daughters.


Let’s make this world a better place for women to live freely and peacefully. Let’s value her efforts, compromises and sacrifices she makes for us. That day we will understand the true meaning of why do we celebrate Women’s Day?

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