Shivling is the most powerful form of energy known in Hinduism. Shivling signifies the formless or Nirankari form of the inexplicable god who is Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has many names one of them being Mahadev, Maha means The Great and Deva is derived from sanskrit word Dena which means to give so Deva means Giver, hence the name Mahadev means ‘The Great Giver’.

There have been many myths regarding shivling like it should not be kept at home or women should not worship shivling and many more baseless rumours. To answer your question “Can We Keep A Shivling At Home?” The answer is yes, you can keep a shivling at home and anyone can worship it. Lord Shiva is full of Mercy and compassion, there is no way he will stop someone from worshipping him.

Before we tell you about the specification to keep a brass idol Shivling in your home. We want you to know about the blessings that Lord Shiva bestows on his ardent devotees which will benefit them in numerous ways.

Benefits of Having A Brass Idol Shivling At home

Benefits of Having A Brass Idol Shivling At home

Lord shiva is known for his kindness and big heart. We can find countless stories on how Lord Shiva has Blessed his devotee with all the things they asked for and even more. Pray with a heart full of love and glory for Shiva and get the all your prayers Answered in following ways:-

  • Eliminate Negative Vibration: The Shivling is the ultimate source and symbol of Cosmic energy. A shivling is so powerful that simply placing a shivling in your mandir or home would remove all the negative vibration present in your surroundings.
  • Power of Manifestation: The Symbolic representation of Adiyogi is a great example of how you can manifest things from the deep spiritual state of mind. Meditating in front of Shivling is a great way to concentrate on your needs and to know what exactly you want in your life. It is believed that if one prays and meditates with a pure heart and clear mind Lord Shiva answers all their prayer in the form of manifestation.
  • Get Rid of Scarcity : Lord Shiva is the husband of Goddess Parvati who is the Goddess of Love, Abundance, food and Wifely devotion. Praying to the shivling which is the symbol of manifestation of both Shiva and Shakti in a single Entity as shivling. Worshipping the shivling helps with removing the scarcity from the life, heart and mind of the follower.
  • Achieve Inner Peace: In our day to day life, we work hard to get all the resources we need in life and despite having everything in life, many people are not at peace. In order to get inner peace one needs to satisfy the soul, mind and consciousness of an individual. It is said that meditating in front of Shivling and chanting “Om Namah Shivay ” helps with achieving inner peace.

Things To Remember While Placing Brass Idol Shivling In Your Home 

While Lord shiva is the kindest god you can pray to, along with the simplest ritual to satisfy him. There are some things that you should remember before placing the Shivling in your home.

We have listed a few important things to remember while Placing a Brass Idol Shivling in your Home down below:-

  • Before placing the Shivling in your home or mandir make sure that the thinner portion of the Shivling called Jaal Dhari should always be facing North.
  • The Shivling should not exceed the length of one hand span also called Vith of the head of the family.
  • The Shivling should always be kept with Lord Nandi who is the Divine Vehicle of Shiva. Mahadeva gave a boon to Nandi for his devotion that before praying to him, the devotee should pray to Nandi otherwise their prayers will not reach Lord Shiva.
  • If you are looking to place a shivling in your mandir, then make sure that your mandir/temple should not have multiple shivling. You should only keep the oldest Shivling in your temple and do Abhishekam to make sure that your Shivling is pure and has live energy. So, what to do with the other shivling? You can either immerse the idol in flowing water or place them in a shiv temple.
  • If you already have a shivling make sure to check that the idol is not Chipped, Cracked or broken from anywhere which is quite common to happen to idols made from ceramic, clay or stone. If your idol has one of the following conditions then you should immediately immerse the idol in running water or river, if it is not possible then you can place them in shiv mandir near your house. To avoid such instances you can also buy a brass Shivling that will not break, chip or crack. The brass shivling are easy to clean and are long lasting.
  • According to the classic textbooks like Dharma Sindhu and Nirnay Sindhu. It is said that the Shivling should be established in your home on an auspicious Muhurat (time) that fulfils that criteria of placement of the home and its owner.
  • As we have said in the above point that Shivling should always accompany Nandi maharaj. One the salient thing is to remember that Lord shiva and Nandi Maharaja should not be kept at the same level. The Shivling should be kept above Nandi and as Lord Nandi is the most devoted Bhakt (worshipper) of Lord Shiva, he should be placed at the foot of his master.


Here, we have cleared all the doubts regarding the question Can we keep a shivling at home. Starting from explaining what exactly is a shivling, its significance and its benefits to ending at the key things to remember about placing a shivling at your home. Hope that all the information given here is helpful and helped you to clear your doubts regarding its placement.

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