Mother is an angel sent by god. One day in a year we get an opportunity to show our love towards this angel. I usually prepare myself well in advance to pick the best gift for her. Money usually is not a matter because she is priceless. I am on my way to browse for some mother’s day gifts online. You may feel a bit weird if I say that my mother usually hits at what she wants as a gift for her birthday. She says that even her refusal to take the gift will not stop me gifting her. So, she opines that it is better to get something that she herself would like to buy. Strange! But sometimes even I feel good about it.

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Irrespective of all the above discussion about gifts, I feel blessed to have such a mother. She is so loving not only to me but also to my wife. Sometimes I feel she loves my wife more than me. In fact, the mother’s day gift is from both of us. The only problem this year is though, the budget. We have invested a lot in the last two months that I need to curb expenses a bit. I will surely search for some budget friendly online gifts for mom.


My mother did not ever like the rough kind of texture both in clothes and bags. Of late, she feels quite uncomfortable carrying a jute or leather bag. She, in fact, loves to carry a cloth bag. I have found some good yet affordable handbags for women in Giftease. There are even sling bags that can easily be used by her. I will just make a short list of these things and then finalize with my wife.


It just came to my mind that some time back mom was desperately searching everywhere for a watch. She loves watches and whenever she gets an opportunity, she readily gabs one. I don’t even remember how many of those she has. I think there are some branded watches for even below 1000 bucks. The best thing about watches is that you can have many at a time and can wear according to the occasion. I will put this also on my wish list.


Now a day I hear a lot about personalized gifts.  There is a facility of embossing our photos or messages on these items. Especially for this occasion, photo mugs for mother’s day gifts are available. Not a bad idea. Let me check and if it is within my reach, I will surely put my finger on this gift. How good mom will fell when she will see our photo on the mug she often uses!


To tell you frankly, I believe in all these materialistic things. For me, the purpose will be served even if I gift a bunch of flowers and a greeting card. Ultimately, it is the feeling that needs to be conveyed rather than the measure of the feeling. I love my mom anyway and wish her with lots of love on the Mother’s Day.

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