Two people look at the sky: one sees the stars and other the sky’ is a proverb which best describes friends. At least for me, this saying seems so true because we do flock together as we have similar ideas but the way we think about it is quite different. So, when we are in a group we do put the finger on the same thing, but when we are asked as individuals then you will hear all screams and yells and huhs and haas. That is Friendship! Let me introduce you to my friends, Roy, Ritika, Renu and Rejoy. Now, the whole problem starts when I have to buy gifts for these people. And one special thing about us is that when we assign a particular job to one then we don’t interfere in it.

Birthday Gifts for Best Friends-birthday-gifts-for-friends

You might have understood that selecting gifts and ordering the gifts online is my department. I heard once that a gift should make someone so special no matter how the gift is. I will pick the gift according to their personalities.

The people who know Ritika can easily go for some trendy and latest fashion jewellery. She is crazy about these things that her jewelry box can hardly swell anymore. Pendant sets, ear rings, finger rings or simple funky leather bracelets: you wrap and give her and the next moment you will find her flying in the air.

Rejoy is kind of introvert and shy. Sometimes we wonder whether God actually wanted to send this man in to this evil world. Well, as he is with us, we need to gift him something too. I am not quite sure but I feel he has a hidden vogue for mobile accessories. I can try for some mobile covers, or head phones. If he likes these, he will surely appreciate electronic gadgets. As our pockets are shrunk, we will settle for music systems, MP3 players or CD players.

The very accommodating, understanding and absolutely ‘No Fuss’ girl is Renu. Right from Books to indoor plants, party games to soft toys; any of these will have her face lit to 100 volts that we can switch off all lights. Seriously! She is such a darling. Once we gave her a personalized mug with just three words on it ‘We love you’. The girl became so emotional that for the ensuing two days we did not need to fill our bottles.

There wouldn’t have any problem if any of these were to be given birthday gifts. But this was Roy. He is style personified. The gift ought to be perfect, lest he would just say ’No need of such things’. Of late I find he likes waterfalls and fountains, so indoor waterfalls can be kept as an option. I found some real interesting Planters in Giftease that are absolute fun to display. I have also thought of some belt and wallet sets, men’s watches and mufflers, yet not sure if these will be right.

When we are unsure about our choice, it is better to go with flowers and chocolates. These never disappoint one on gifting. The kind of obnoxious person he is, I think these will be the best gift. Lord save us and bless us that this brings a smile on his face and not frown.

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