The research about a mother’s role in child growth abounds, largely because attachment theory gives a base from which to conduct the research. No such concept exists for fathers, which may be part of the cause that the influence fathers have on their kids wasn’t as well researched until lately, when researchers began to move away from looking at fathers as the “other blood relation.” Now, instead of viewing fathers merely through the lens of what is known about mothers, examiners are looking at the exclusive and significant ways fathers influence their children.

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As a result of that study, it is now established that fathers play vital role in the upbringing of their children and hence we celebrate father’s day throughout the world. And they can be every bit as thoughtful and nurturing to their children as mothers can. A father’s nurturing existence can continue to benefit kids and help them to develop perceptive, socially, and emotionally as they grow up. In fact, in the year 2002 review of the father’s love, researchers Rohner and Venezianodetermined, “Overall, father love appears to be as heavily associated as mother love in offspring’s’ mental wellbeing and health, as well as in an array of emotional and behavioral problems.”

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Definition of an involved father

Most fathers or father figure try to do their best for their kids. Yet a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes, “Too many fathers become induced that they are simply an extra set of hands to help around the house, rather than inimitable to their children.”In 1987, researchers Lamb, Pleck, Chernov, and Levine charted three fundamental aspects of father involvement. These characters form the basis for a positive, nurturing father-child relationship:

  • Engagement: father’s direct contact and shared connections with their children
  • Availability: father’s existence or availability to the child
  • Responsibility: father’s plan for resources to be available to the child

Some examiners focus on play manners as being central to fathering, just as nurturing behavior is seen as vital to mothering. Father-child play is essential for children as it is physical and highly stimulating, which lets the child to experience the beginning and regulation of arousal. It also helps children to recognize and test boundaries in a safe situation, which helps them in innumerable ways as they figure out the world. An involved father is one who is subtle, warm, close, pleasant, supportive, intimate, nurturing, friendly, encouraging, heartening and accepting.

What makes few fathers more likely to be involved than others? A number of factors can define a father’s success, including the following:

  1. The father’s own background (including his relationship with his own parents)
  2. His educational history
  3. His biological history (such as psychological illness, alcoholism, health)
  4. His characteristics (employment, age, personality, etc.)
  5. The mother’s characteristics
  6. Contextual factors (relationship with the mother, community influences, etc.)
  7. The child’s characteristics

Because the role of the father is less well-defined in Western society than the role of the mother, influences such as; those listed above seem to have a more significant influence on how involved a father is. But the flexibility of the father’s role also means that shifts in external factors—like when a mother starts modeling positive parenting behavior, for example—can improve a father’s own parenting. Or on the other hand, if a mother isn’t able to take care for an infant well, as may be the case with postpartum dejection or illness, the father may not only jump in to help more, but he may collect additional resources from family or communal members. This act of growing support can shield the effects of the mother’s incapability to connect. At the same time, it bolster’s the father’s self-assurance in his own parenting and strengthens his bond with his child.

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