The turnip market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great way to make a lot of ACNH bells with little effort and at the same time having fun, paying attention to small details to get maximum profit!

ACNH Turnips Guide

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, what’s behind buying and selling Turnips is a great and intelligent way to make money with little effort and, in some cases, with so much yield.

Using the turnip trading system it is, in fact, possible to be able to earn millions of Animal Crossing bells, as the method offers the maximum in-game profit: in fact, even filling the pockets of fish or rare insects, the gain will be around a few hundred thousand bells, without considering the hours of play spent to achieve this goal.

It must be remembered, however, that it is not all gold that glitters: in fact, even to be able to earn a nice lump with the turnip bag, you have to pay attention to some precautions, add a minimum of risk and, above all, get help from friends. In fact, the basic idea is to buy turnip and resell them later at Nook’s shop such as buy Animal Crossing items, waiting for the most affordable purchase price from brothers Timmy and Tommy.

But starting from the basics: what are Turnips? Where can I buy them? How do you resell and earn so many bells? Let’s find out all the answers to these FAQs together in the course of this guide.

What are turnips and where to buy them?

Turnips are a type of plantation that can be purchased in Animal Crossing: New Horizons only on Sunday mornings, from 5:00 am until noon: in fact, during this time slot every Sunday of the year, we can find around our island the niece of Joan, the tender Daisy Mae.

Recognizable by the basket of turnip that leads on the head and nose always dripping, this character will propose every Sunday a different purchase price for the turnip ranging from 90 bells to 110 bells: obviously, in case the price on our island does not go to genius, it is always possible to go to the island of some friend to buy them at a lower price and , therefore, more advantageous as the final objective of buying turnips will always be to resell them at an increased price to the brothers Timmy and Tommy during the course of the week following the purchase.

Precisely for this reason, to get the maximum profit, we recommend buying turnips when their price is almost at the minimum, between 90 bells and 100 bells; however, it is still possible to obtain excellent profits, even by buying them at 110 bells.

What happens to purchased turnips when a date / time change is made on Switch?

It is important to be aware of some important time travel notes once you purchase Turnips on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If, in fact, we had to change the date, or simply the time from the console settings, going back in time and reloading the game, all our turnips will be automatically spoiled, making them rotten and therefore no longer resalable. This means that we would have thrown away all the bells used to buy them the previous Sunday, so it is very important to remember never to travel backwards in time if you intend to resell the turnips.

ACNH Turnips Guide 1

Practicing the Time Travel technique forwards does not bring any consequences, unless we decide to travel forward for more than a week: the rule, in fact, clearly also applies to multiple trips of a single day which, added together, bring to a total duration longer than a week.

Every date change will also result a change in the trend of the quotes

With the update to software version number 1.2.0 released in April 2020, any time travel backwards, even of just one minute, means that the purchase prices of the turnip by Timmy and Tommy are re-set on a new curve.

Finally, it is good to keep in mind that keeping the Turnips for more than a week, even without making time travel, will lead to their natural rotting: it is therefore important to sell the Turnips within the week following the purchase in order not to lose revenues and consequently risking to resell the rotten turnips for only 10 bells per bunch.

Traveling to islands with different dates from ours

In the event that, after purchasing the Turnips, we decide to visit a friend who has a clock set to a different date or time from ours, there is no reason to worry: the time in which the other islands visited are located. it will not affect in any way the turnips we buy.

How to store turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Generally, on Sunday mornings, a considerable amount of turnips is bought with the aim of making a very high profit.

The problem therefore arises of where to store all the turnip purchased, waiting to find the best time to resell them: keeping them in your pocket is clearly not the best strategy, also because you could buy more turnip than the capacity of our pockets, in addition to no longer being able to use any Animal Crossing tools.

One of the solutions is to place the turnips inside our home. However, there is a but: the turnips, in fact, cannot be kept in the closet, where, instead, almost all of the objects present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be placed.

Faced with this, the only alternative for storing turnips at home is to place them on the ground in an empty room, or in any case on the various tables or support points.

Attention to the assessment of the academy of beautiful houses

However, we must remember that, by placing the turnips around the house, the score of the Academy of Fine Homes will be negatively affected and we will be penalized.

In the event that placing turnip in the house does not particularly attract us, then we can think of opting for positioning them outside: in fact it is possible to place them on the ground even in outdoor environments, both on the grass and on the beach, perhaps creating some special areas to keep them pretending that these are real plots of land where “cultivate” the turnips.

How to resell turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

But now let’s move on to the important part of the turnip market: reselling them in order to get a high profit.

The first thing to know is that there is only one place in the whole game in which to resell the Turnips, and it is Nook’s workshop, managed by the brothers Timmy and Tommy: this is precisely the reason why, if we do not have such a building , Daisy Mae will not be able to come and visit us on Sunday morning.

The two brothers do not buy turnip on Sunday, as the turnip stock exchange is closed. During the rest of the week, however, they will offer two different purchase prices: one from opening hours until noon and one from noon until closing time.

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