In the Animal Crossing series, Bells are the main currency used to buy Animal Crossing items such as fossils, fruits, theme packs, flowers and more hot items, helping you create strong characters, upgrade your house and gain a good gameplay experience. Each day, you have different opportunities to get ACNH bells. Here we present 5 best ways to help you make Animal Crossing bells fast.

5 Best Ways To Make ACNH Bells Fast

5 Best Ways To Make ACNH Bells Fast

1. Money rock

All the rocks on your island provide materials like clays and oars once you strike it, but there is a special rock on your island that appears once a day that will give you bells, and the location of this rock is random, it will be a different rock each day. How many bells can you get from this magical rock, you may ask up to 16000 bells but you must be very fast at it because there is a limited amount of time to get the maximum amount of 16000 bells. But fortunately, there is an easy trick to it, all you have to do is dig up a couple holes around your character so that your character doesn’t move away when you’re striking the rock which gives you enough time to get all 16000 bells from the money rock.

2. Sell fish bugs and collect fossils

You can make a pretty good amount of ACNH bells just from catching fish bugs and collecting fossils in your Animal Crossing New Horizons island. People always like to donate the first one of everything to blaffers in the museum and it’s very possible, while you’re on the hunt you might find some fish or bugs that are worth up to fifteen thousand bells.

3. Turnips

If you’re new to the series you might not be familiar with turnips. Basically, the whole concept of turnips is to buy turnips at a low price and sell them for a higher price. You can get turnips from daisy may she shows up at your island every Sunday morning from 5am and she stays on your island till around noon and the prices range from 90 bells up to 110 bells per turn up.

4. Nookazon

Nookazon is basically the amazon of Animal Crossing, you can sell any kind of ACNH item on here, you can clean out your storage and sell or trade items that you aren’t using or never plan to use and sell them on Nookazon and get up to 10 even 20 times more bells than you would. If you sold them at your nooks cranny and you could also sell your unwanted villagers on Nookazon and do services for people like weed cleanup. It’s pretty cool

5. Duplication glitch

The last method to make bells in ACNH is the duplication glitch method. There’s actually a way to duplicate your items in Animal Crossing and the possibilities are endless. You can duplicate pretty much anything like ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, bells, you can even duplicate the most expensive item in the game which is the royal crown and that sells for 1.2 million. So imagine that you duplicate a full inventory’s worth of royal crowns you can literally make 48 million each time you do the glitch.

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