Do you know that you can earn money by playing games? Yes, online rummy cash games give you this opportunity. In recent times, online Rummy has gained quite a popularity. Many gaming companies have developed their own websites and applications where regular people can play Rummy and win cash prizes. Players from across the globe can participate on a single platform and play different variants of Rummy. Online gaming apps also have different playing modes so that everyone can hone their Rummy skills. However, an amateur player who is not well-versed with the rules and playing tactics of Rummy must look at the rules from a legitimate platform. It is also important that you check out the gaming platforms which are legal and government certified.  Wondering what is the best Rummy app? Then, here is a list of the 5 best Rummy apps with which you can earn online money in 2022.

Rummy Apps


GetMega is the most-loved gaming platform in India. The makers of this platform ensured to create a smart and intuitive user interface so that players can concentrate entirely on the games. GetMega features popular games like Rummy and Poker to casual and trivia games like carrom, warship, 123, etc. To play Rummy on this platform you need to sign up on its portal. For first-time users, GetMega brings to you a sign-up bonus of Rs. 5. Also, with RNG certification, this app offers top-notch security, making it a reliable app for everyone. This gaming platform further provides a website and app version so that a large number of people can play multiple games here. If you are new to the Rummy domain, this app will walk you through every detail with its descriptive tutorials. So, if you want to play Rummy and don’t have hands-on experience, then GetMega can be a suitable platform for you. Here you can play both free and cash games and tournaments (depending upon your playing capacity) and win exciting cash rewards.

Teen Patti Tornado

Another online Rummy app in this list is the Teen Patti Tornado app. This app features 7 Rummy games which include Andar Bahar, Wingo Lottery, Teen Patti bet, Rummy, Teen Patti, 7 Up 7 Down and King vs. Queen. By signing up on its portal, you can get Rs.18 as a bonus. Also, this app provides real cash if you refer this app to your friends or family members. By playing games on Teen Patti Tornado, players can win Rs. 1000 each day. The money that you will win from this gaming app will be transferred to your bank account. From there you can withdraw the money. Furthermore, if you deposit the money in this app you can earn up to 60% cashback.

Ace2Three App

If you are looking for a trusted online Rummy platform, then Ace2Three is the right choice for you. This gaming app provides referral and signup bonuses. Ace2Three is one of the most downloaded online gaming apps because Shahrukh Khan promotes it. This app hosts different Rummy tournaments which can allow players to win money. Players can get up to Rs.20,000 in referral programs through its apk model. Furthermore, this app features top-quality graphics that ensure a great gaming experience for the players.

Adda52 app

In the list of the best Rummy apps, Adda52 also leaves a mark. Like Ace2Three and GetMega, you can trust playing Rummy games on this platform as well. If you sign up on this portal, bonuses of up to five hundred rupees are given to the players. Using this bonus, you can play the Rummy game which you are capable of. This app provides promotional codes that players can avail of to obtain cashback. Adda52 is home to 8 types of rummy games that can help you earn online money in 2022. The money that you have earned from this app will be transferred to your e-wallet (PayTM) or Bank account.

Rummy Raja

The final name that you should consider while playing Rummy games is the Rummy Raja application. Here you can get thirteen Rummy games which will provide you entertainment as well as money. Up to two hundred rupees are offered as signup bonuses on this platform. And if you refer this app to your friends, 30% will be transferred to your bank account as a commission.  Here you can win cashback on each deposit of up to 10 per cent to 100 percent. Graphic-wise, Rummy Raja is quite an appealing one that elevates your gaming experience.

So, if you wish to play Rummy online and earn some extra cash, consider going through the above-mentioned apps. All of these apps are absolutely safe and legal. Moreover, if you are a first-time user of any of these apps, you will get signup bonuses. So, start playing Rummy online and earn money!

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