First time home builders know how challenging it is to remodel or renovate a room, especially if they plan to build the bedroom storage without professional help. When it comes to DIY, the devil is always in the details, and that it’ll only turn out to what you expect it to be with sufficient research and planning.

DIY Bedroom Storage

There are particular methods of designing that first time home builders should familiarize themselves with beforehand to avoid overwhelming themselves. With that in mind, the key to building DIY bedroom storage is preparation and planning since even missing the smallest detail can sabotage the DIY project.

Getting everything right at the first attempt of the DIY bedroom storage isn’t something homebuilders can attain. But, the crucial part of the DIY project that they should always take note of is that fixing the mistakes in the future can be expensive and troublesome. Thus, here are the three mistakes to avoid when building DIY bedroom storage.

Overlooking the Clutter

The key to building diy bedroom storage is to maximize the purpose of each piece of furniture in your room. As such, you have to note how you’re going to store the clutter on shelves and cabinets without having to take them out of your bedroom.

The main problem with clutter is that they’re the main culprit of making your bedroom look less spacious. For you to avoid the clutter, you should focus on minimalist design that maximizes the purpose of your pieces of furniture to store as many items as possible. But, you should also be able to access your items comfortably without having to take anything out.

Squeezing Space Out of Tight Bedroom

When you already have existing items in your bedroom, you only have a limited amount of space available, which means every inch of space is essential. There are various simple DIY small bedroom storage ideas that you can utilize. For instance, you can take advantage of your bedroom walls, such as shelves along the perimeter.

Since your small bedroom walls’ perimeter is usually empty, adding polished shelves will provide you with plenty of storage space. Still, you must examine the layout of your bedroom to overcome the irregular, awkward corners.

Forgetting About Your Bed

Beds are the largest piece of furniture in your room, which could mean that it occupies most of the space in your bedroom. Although it may seem like a no-brainer, first time home builders tend to forget that you can take advantage of the under-bed storage. With that in mind, you have to choose a bed frame that has sufficient under-bed space.

Apart from the under-bed storage, you can also build a bed frame that makes the most out of the headboard. By adding multiple shelves or a shelf, you can store personal essentials and other small items that you can access comfortably.


There are plenty of factors that first time home builders tend to overlook when making the most out of their small bedrooms for bedroom storage. With careful planning and design execution, you can prevent the feeling of overwhelming yourself so that you won’t overlook the essential details.

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