Until India got its Independence on 15th August, 1947, the country was colony of the Britain. It was only on 26th January, 1950 that Indians actually experienced their liberty from the British rule. It was on this day that the Constitution of India was enforced, making India a sovereign, worldly and democratic country. We Indians take huge pride on Republic Day. On this day, President of India gives speech to the citizens of the country. Rangoli Designs for Republic Day 2019 Free Download and Share with your friends.

Rangoli Designs for Republic Day 2024


Schools and colleges are decorated with rangolis on this day. Rangoli has lots of importance on this patriotic day. Rangoli is derived from Sanskrit word, ‘rangavalli’. It is an art that precedes monument and painting. It is an auspicious and preliminary requirement in any religious ceremony. It is a tradition to draw rangoli at the site of any religious ritual such as holy festival, a religious celebration and auspicious function like ritualistic adoration, religious ceremony, etc.

Republic Day is a grand Indian army festival that is celebrated on 26th January every year with full of joy but mostly it is celebrated in schools and colleges. On this day, all school students participate in republic day rangoli design competition, cover design in advanced so watch our collection on the republic day. Watch our collection and pick out the best rangoli design images on republic day this year. We hope you like our collection and if you really like, suggest this page to all your friends.

Patriotic Rangoli Designs for Republic Day










Get the best republic day rangoli design, best images and pictures for competition of republic day rangoli design. So stay connected to our website and keep visiting on this website regularly to get the latest news on republic day. Get the most fascinating and rangoli designs for Republic day. Make rangoli designs in your home, office, school and other social events. Draw motivating rangoli designs for Independence Day and express your love for the country.

Check out some of the best and simple rangolis for Independence Day:

  • Make this cute rangoli design with a heart in the centre and flowers on top and bottom.
  • Create a background using saffron, white and green and make leafy rangoli patterns on it.
  • Go for sun rangoli design. Add Swastika in the centre and use your fingers to make design on rangoli.
  • Peacock is the national bird of India. Make a peacock rangoli design and fill it with tri-color.
  • Make a dove, the symbol of peace, and choose Indian flag colors to fill it up.

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