It was Miley Cyrus who first introduced the inner lip tattoo to beauty trend maniacs in 2014. Her little smiley tattoo on the inner lip literally took the Internet by a storm and many more celebs then followed the suit. Compared with the other kinds of tattoos that have always been in vogue, lip tattoos have been representing a different, unique and a bolder style statement. Creating a huge trend across the beauty industry within a short span of time, lip tattoos are also witnessing a lot of variations recently.

  • Permanent inner lip tattoos
  • Inner lip tattoos
  • Lower lip tattoos
  • Lip tint tattoo
  • Lip blushing (lipstick tattoo)
  • Lip gloss tattoo

Although lip tattoos inspire the freedom of expression and are easier to hide than other types of tattoos, relatively a smaller number of people choose to have them. There are so many pros and cons of having one. Would you consider to get a cute little lip tattoo if you come across a really nice, exciting lip tattoo idea?

Here are a few chosen lip tattoo ideas emerging popular in 2021 that we’ve compiled for you! Let’s have a look.

Ink the crown

So many couples have been riding this trend of getting cute little crowns inked on their inner lips. The king and queen crown tattoos look absolutely amazing. However, being in a relationship isn’t necessarily a condition for getting your kind of crowned tattooed on the lip!

Get a diamond forever

Diamond is one of the most popular lip tattoo designs. A diamond reflects the sign of class and high choice to add value to your fashion style.

Nothing appeals like a heart

Heart remains in vogue forever. Whether joyous or broken, getting a sweet little heart inked on the lip is a popular fashion trend these days. Couples even find it romantic to get similar, custom-designed hearts tattooed on their lips.


Rather than a sign of love, many are choosing to straightaway get the word written right there. Getting a lip tattoo of the word ‘love’ is the fashion trend that would remain evergreen and will never fade away.

Carry a smiley everywhere you go

There are hundreds of designs in smileys that can be browsed to find the right one for yourself. But remember one thing, carry a smiley wherever you go!

Get that name written

Getting the self-name tattooed is in fashion. A lot of people also choose nicknames to hide behind the lip but flaunt as a style statement. Getting a tattoo of a love interest/partner/celebrity/public figure’s name is also trending these days.

Which is your most favourite musical note?

Music lovers can never live without music no matter where they go. What if you get your most favourite musical note inked as your brand-new lip tattoo? It’d be like always carrying the love for music with you!

Does that skull picture still fascinate you?

Yes, a skull tattoo is also a favourite among lip tattoo fans as well. Like a heart full of love, a skull tattoo will also remain trending forever in the lip tattoo world.

Show your love for your pet(s)

If you have a pet or more than one, it’s clear that how close it is to your heart. Why not get the name of your real stressbuster inked on that extremely delicate lip? Trust us, it’d look a cooler lip tattoo than most others.

Go impromptu

Haven’t thought of any particular lip tattoo design as such? Just trust your instinct and go impromptu with the selection of design for yourself. It can be anything, a name, a sign, a letter, a feeling, a god, a sport, a passion, food, or something just as abstract.

Make your lips glow, shine and gloss

Temporary or permanent, did you know a tattoo can make your lips look pretty and desirable? Yes, it can. A lipstick tattoo and a gloss tattoo are worth a try.

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