Every young child has something to say when asked what they want to be when they grow up. This is the driving force that keeps every child going throughout their educational journey from elementary school through college. Doing your best to become who you’ve always dreamt of is the ultimate life purpose.

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After graduation, many people find themselves in panic mode because they feel they don’t have what it takes to make it in the big wide world. If you’re not sure what career you want to pursue as a fresh grad, here are ten tips to help you make up your mind.

10 Tips for Every Confused Fresh Grad

1. Be Open-Minded

While job descriptions are important, they shouldn’t limit you when you start looking for work. Be open-minded and understand that when you get your first job, you might be required to take on tasks that aren’t listed in your job description. Instead of complaining, use this as an opportunity to learn on the job as this will help you fast track your career.

2. Escape the Social Media Bubble

The digital native born into a world of the internet has a hard time staying in touch with reality because they spend most of their time online, keeping up with the latest trends. As a fresh grad, this can give you a sugar-coated perspective on life, causing you to have unrealistic expectations about the industry you’re venturing into.

To make the right moves as a new graduate, you need to escape the social media bubble and focus on combating life as it comes to you. Minimizing your screen time allows you to focus more on what’s happening on the ground and how it affects your future.

3. Your Degree Means Little; Experience Trounces All

While getting a degree is great, that alone is not enough to secure you your dream job. You need to look for opportunities that will allow you to gain the experience you need to climb the career ladder. The fact that you graduated with impressive grades doesn’t mean your first job is guaranteed to earn you a six-figure salary. Accept that you have to start somewhere and find your way to the top of the food chain.

4. Find Friends Who Call You Out on Your BS

Friendship is not all roses and sunshine; you need a friend who will be real with you because this is how you avoid making life-altering mistakes. Learn to accept corrections from your friends and practice the same candor with them. When you’re honest with each other, there is nothing that can stand in the way of your success. Find a like-minded individual who acknowledges that since you’re only starting off, certain luxuries can wait while you figure out your finances.

5. Read Biographies of Leaders You Admire

This might seem like a simple practice, but it helps you better understand what working towards success looks like. Often, students don’t really know what it takes to build an empire because they’re too focused on the success to remember that it takes blood and sweat to build a good life. So read biographies of leaders you admire to find out what they had to sacrifice to get to the top.

6. Invest In Evergreen Assets

You might have come from college where students normalized winging it with the hopes that things will work out in their favor. But there is no such thing as over-preparing in the real world because life only gives you what you prepare for.

Start investing in evergreen assets as this is a surefire way of putting your future finances in order. Even if you’re saving little money every month, the cumulative amount will go away in ensuring you can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

7. Pop Your Bubble

Being in college gives you a safety net you can always fall back on, but once you graduate, you’ve got only you to rely on. You can no longer turn to online academic services to buy thesis paper assignments in case you don’t understand a concept your professor taught in class.

You need to pop your bubble fast and acknowledge that real adult responsibilities are about to come at you like a hurricane.

You’ve got to embrace the challenges and look at life from a positive perspective, and soon you’ll realize you’ve got it in you to succeed.

8. Doubt Your Doubts

When they say the universe gives you more of what you think you deserve, you can take that to the bank. Since it’s taken you four years to train for the job you’re now looking for, you shouldn’t for a second doubt what you’re bringing to the table. So, each time you go for an interview, walk in with confidence and explain to the panel why hiring you would be a good move for their company.

9. Make Room for Humility

To be confident in your capabilities is not to say you should show arrogance. On the contrary, make room for humility because you need the company as much as they need you.

10. Stop Overthinking

Playing and replaying worst-case scenarios in your head will not help you get to where you want to be. Instead, show gratitude for all breakthroughs and always hope for the best.


There you have it, ten tried and tested tips to help you navigate the world after graduation. Remember to believe in yourself and have a positive outlook on life because things will fall into place in time.

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