Pdf is the most popular file format used in offices for documentation and records. Not in offices it is widely used in school as notes making and for notification. It can also be used for personal transactions. It gives a formal appearance to certain documents. For confidential documents additional security it also provides an option of password encryption.

Benefits of PDF Combiner

If multiple pdfs need to be handled and reviewed in a bulk it can be a tedious task going back and forth on different files. There is a function available online for combining pdf online called pdf combiner or merger. It is a standard feature available online such as Many people do not know about this feature so those who are unaware of it can not benefit from it. For accessing multiple files some users print all pdf files to easily read and review them manually. But with this feature a person can view a pdf at once in a single file without opening the files separately.

1. Ease in sharing data

If you need to send lots of documents in a day it’s ideal to merge them and convert it into a single pdf. It will be easier to track a single file than multiple. For example if you are an editor and receive multiple document files from writers in a day. Instead of attaching several doc files in email for sending to the layout team, convert them to a merge pdf and send it in a single go. Pdf combiner is the easiest solution for managing multiple files as it saves time and energy in emailing files. It is the online converter which is free to use.

2.Ease in document management

It helps in managing the file more efficiently. It is useful in data record keeping. For example if you are a human resource officer and need to combine all internal memorandum for a month. You can make a folder and save all the document memos in it but it is a space consuming option. The better option is to convert all the memos to multiple pdf files and then  combine pdf online each of them according to date, department or so need.

3. Ease in printing of documents

A pdf file format supports better printing options and often a doc file is first converted to pdf for printing. If you require to print multiple files and you have a single pdf file. Printing one by one will take time. Instead of it, merge the related pdf to a single pdf which will be easier to print them in a single click. All you need to do is to open the document, click print and wait for the printer to print the pages.

4. Ease in compatibility with all Operating system

Many times some files and documents are not exported to pdf. In that case word document file is not compatible with other users. Combining documents to a single pdf makes sure that all documents have been opened by every recipient. Pdf are mobile friendly and can open in windows and linux operating systems. If you send a merged file of the entire project, it will be easier for the recipient to review them conveniently.

5. Ease on computer memory

Keeping multiple pdf files takes more space than a single one. Pdf are heavier files mostly as they contain graphs, images ,links etc. every single document takes up space on your computer. If you merge them according to data or group it will be easier to find the file and take less space in your storage.

Yes, it is time to use pdf combiner or merger .We cannot stress this enough. Combining PDF files makes it easier to share your papers, improves document management, allows for faster printing, ensures that your work is compatible with all devices, and saves you computer space.