Women’s day is round the corner. The day which recognizes women’s contribution to the world in every kind of relationship: mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, boss, employee, and so on. One cannot do without them in life.Wish your Mom Happy Women’s Day with Personalized Mug & Wishes

It is a great idea to tell the women that the men need them. It is a big opportunity for everyone who wishes to appreciate the women in their lives. I too would like to thank one such woman in my life who made a huge difference to me.

My mother has been a driving force behind me. I mean it seriously. Because I was just a lazy goose that she literally drive me to do things. I used to really get bugged but later I would oblige as I had no choice. When I grew up, I found myself to be a well-mannered, disciplined and successful person. That is when I understood what my mom did to me. I wanted to tell her many-a-time that I owe her everything I have now.

I got an opportunity now with women’s day wishes with gifts to express my love. Although I have seen a number of gifts for women especially in online gifts, I wish to have a personal touch to it.

My friend suggested that we get personalized gifts online. What more to ask for? I will plunge into action and search for a women’s day personalized gifts. I found that anything can be personalized. A small key chain to even curtains and cushions. But my pick will be a coffee mug. Why? Because my mother is a teetotaler and will use it time and again. In this way, I will be with her always.

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The Giftease people have asked me to customize my own gift. I am given a choice of a photograph, a tag or a message. I have to ponder a bit. I do have some rare photographs which remind me of my childhood. I look too funny in some of them. But in some, I look dashing. The pick is difficult. But I think the clumsy and clown-like one should be the one as that will bring a smile on her face each time she picks that cup to sip.

It gives me goose bumps when I imagine my mother pick up the cup and try to sip and my photograph gets a kiss each time.  I will add some message like ‘Love You Maa’, or ‘World’s best Mom’, or ‘I owe everything to you’, or any other. My mother is a good reader, so I can find some verse that she has marked in her books to read again and again. What a feeling! I am grateful for those who got such an idea about personalizing such gifts.

There is no way any child can express their love towards their mother, but this way I am sure I will, at least, be able to convey a bit of it. Not only to my mom but all those moms and women around, I wish a Very Happy Women’s Day.

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