First of all we would like to wish every woman a very happy women’s day. So the question is what the important facts behind Womens day are. Later we would also share Top 100 Happy Women’s Day Free HD Wallpapers & Images 2020

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In the month of August in 1910, a meeting (planned by the International Women’s Conference) of the Socialist Second International was organized in Copenhagen to set up the yearly commemoration of the International women’s day. Finally, the yearly celebration of International Woman’s Day was conventional by the support of American and German Socialist Luise Zietz. However, no meticulous date was decided in that meeting.

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The occasion celebration was decided to encourage the equal rights for all women. International Women’s Day is a special occasion which is celebrated globally on 8th of March by the people including almost every women leader from the business, political, educational institutions, inventors, TV celebrities and etc. It is celebrated by organizing range of programs like seminars, women procession, conferences, poster, debates, presentations, verbal communication, viable activities, luncheons, women’s issues, including other women rights promotional activities. It is eminent to improve the worldwide knowledge about women, their rights, contributions, significance of education, career opportunities and etc.













Female teachers are given memorable gifts by their students, to parents by their children, sisters by their brother and parents as well, daughter by their fathers and etc. Most of the trade organizations, government and non government offices, learning institutions are closed at this day. Usually, people wear purple ribbons while celebrating this occasion. It was first renowned on 19th of March in 1911 by the millions of people in Denmark, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Range of programs was held like demonstrations, women carnival, banners and etc. Another demand of selection, holding public office and removing sex inequity in service was kept in front by the women. It was celebrated in America as a “National Women’s Day” to the last Sunday of the February each year. It was first celebrated by the Russian women in the year 1913 in the last Sunday of February. A gathering by the women (members of the Australian Builders Laborers Federation) was held in Sydney in the year 1975.

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That was enough information about Women’s day. Now we would be sharing Top 100 Happy Women’s Day Free HD Wallpapers & Images 2020. Without waiting any further get started and once again we wish you a very happy women’s day.

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