The NBA 2K21 next-generation version added lots of new badges and takeovers, which increases the possibilities of the player builds. Then which are the best badges to choose when creating a build? Here we introduce the top 5 NBA 2K21 best shooting badges for next gen along with the breakdown of each badge.

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Best Shooting Badges

Top 5 Shooting Badges for 2K21 Next Gen

Here are the five best shooting badges you can use for NBA 2K21 next-gen, and put them on Hall of Fame, Gold, Silver, and Bronze based on how many badge upgrades you have. A Hall of Fame badge needs four points, a Gold badge needs three points, a Silver badge needs two points and a Bronze badge needs one point. Equip the best badge for your 2K21 MyCAREER build, MyTEAM guide and NBA 2K21 MT points also can be found on UTPLAY.

Top 5 – Corner Specialist/Deadeye

If you are playing corner, or playing power forward, lockdown, and you are shooting mostly from the corners, it’s no secret the Corner Specialist is the best badge you can apply for NBA 2K21 next-gen. Deadeye is also a good option. If you got Blinders and Deadeye on Hall of Fame, you can play perfect defense, combine these two badges together, it makes an obvious difference. It reduces the impact of a player closing.

Top 4 – Hot Zone Hunter

Hot Zone Hunter is a shooting badge you must have, once you get Hot Zone Hunter, it makes a great difference in the game, when you starting with your player who only has 85 overall, you get no hotshots and you are trying to gain green consistently, apply the badge, you can get everything, it is suitable for any build, it will just increase your green percentage a lot and it will make you a world difference when you’re in the court.

Top 3 – Deep Threes

Deep Threes extends the range from which a player can effectively shoot threes. This is the basically limitless range on the previous suitcase even if you’re a guard or in other positions, it doesn’t matter having those extra steps that you can take away from the triple line and shoot, it’s just way better like the spacing that creates for your teammates and for yourself, you can just create from a point where is like you forcing the defender to be upon you, so you have way more space to create, so Deep Threes is recommended.

Top 2 – Hot Shot

The next one in our top 5 NBA 2K21 next gen best shooting badges is Hot Shot. The way they integrated these badges for 2k21 next gen is a big thing especially for making an impact on the game with the takeover, every category in the game has a badge where if you apply it gives you an extra boost to your takeover progress the takeover meter. Put this badge on Hall of Fame and just boost takeover meter after hitting a jump shot and you hit two junctions in a row and you already got takeover, it’s really especially for guards that are considered consistently shooting out from the outside making jump shots.

Top 1 – Blinders

The best shooting badge you can pick for 2K21 next-gen is Blinders, what it makes is if the opponent defender is on your side and your hip, it doesn’t matter if they even jump perfectly, if they’re on your side and you have this badge on Hall of Fame, it’s probably a one contest wide open shot, this best badge in the game by far everybody uses it even the centers. If you can test perfectly from the side like you jump the shot and you’re literally a hand close to blocking it, you should have a greater contest than wide open, maybe they do passion but the game is the way the dribbles for explicitly, for guards, it’s tough for them to move and create space easily, this badge just balances it out.

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